Amid today’s digital disruption, the average large corporation is going extinct after just 15 years. Learn how you can thrive in this age of Digital Darwinism, when “survival of the fittest” means using the latest technologies to connect with modern customers and meet their needs in new ways - before someone else does!

  • Why digital startups are threatening every industry
  • How to innovate new products and services for today’s digital consumer
  • Which technologies can help create game-changing digital experiences 
  • How companies are using Digital Innovation Labs as their secret weapons to get ahead



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Watch our webinar, “How to Avoid Extinction in the Age of Digital Darwinism” by Rich Napoli, OFS CEO and Digital Product Expert.

About The Presenter:

Rich Napoli has been in the software industry for 40 years, holding senior management and CEO roles in a number of different product development and software services organizations. He is typically brought in to help mature and grow technology firms to the next level, as he did at Datalogix, Princeton Financial Systems, and Fusion Technologies, resulting in their sales to Oracle, State Street, and Safeguard respectively. 

Since 2010, Rich has been leading ObjectFrontier Software, Inc (OFS) as CEO, providing software product engineering services up and down the East Coast. In the past five years, Rich has guided the company through a dramatic growth period of over 550%, landing OFS on the 2015 Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies, and getting mentioned in a recent Forrester report as a mid-sized “specialist in Product Development Services”.

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