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How do you waste your time? Text Twist? Angry Birds? Cut the Rope? Some other game you find online or download to your phone?

Odds are that digital distraction is a bigger part of your day than you think. It’s the reason the video game industry is a $20 billion annual business in the United States (the movies, by the way, are a $10 billion annual business). And it’s the reason companies are investing tens, hundreds of thousands of dollars in an effort to motivate their employees to work and to keep customers loyal.

The effort goes by the name “gamification,” which is the technique of using the rewards-based, competitive video game model to engage employees, customers, and clients. Fear not, though. Rich Napoli, COO of ObjectFrontier, a software development firm with an office in Newtown, PA, says companies like his are not developing business games from the shoot-’em-up, zombie-slaughtering kids’ games. Strategies for business are rather coming from role-playing games that reward players with new levels, new magic powers, and new in-game currency. Reward, after all, is an excellent motivator for business.

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